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Disintermediation in Media Services

The journey of corporate digital transformation has heralded the age of Big Data and the opportunity to better manage it in order to drive clearer and commercially valuable insights through smarter analytics.  If you’re a business looking to take advantage of this trend, a plethora of agencies and adtech companies offer you an outsourced solution or managed service to help you get underway. In the advertising sector, this often means allowing third parties to place tracking pixels on your website which allow them visibility of web user behaviour on your company pages.  Amongst other things, these pixels allow them to cookie your web traffic and then follow these users around the web, delivering targeted promotional messages. This approach comes with the promise of greater ROI from media investment, thereby justifying the external involvement.

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Creative and Media… Better Together?

There’s a reason why most advertising creative development is produced by a pair working together… the visual artist and the copywriter.  They work together as a team, each of them applying their particular skill set and experience, yet combining to create powerful advertising that solves a marketing challenge.  So entwined are they (when gelling well of course), that it is not uncommon for them to traverse their agency careers, moving from one agency to another, as a unit. Can you imagine a scenario where instead, these two are based in different buildings and working for different companies, but on the same campaign? It’s hard to believe that the same quality of work could ensue when their interactions are by phone, email and weekly meetings.  Well, that’s exactly what we have for the broader disciplines of creative and media today.

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The Internet of Things – An Epic Metamorphosis

Change fascinates me. It challenges my thinking, expands my horizons, broadens my perspective and frequently surprises me. I eagerly absorb new information streams and only wish I could create additional hours in every day to make room for more. (OK, that would be after any additional hours for family time… there can never be enough of those in a busy life)

The continued emergence of technology from a life defined by computers, screens and servers to one that will touch every aspect of our existence within our own lifetime, is a most amazing metamorphosis.

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The grass isn’t always greener, especially if your own backyard is a mess…

A mixed metaphor probably doesn’t make for the best blog headline, but surely it beats the ubiquitous “Top 5 tips for…”, however that’s a rant for another day.

Many times when a client or prospective client facing challenges in their marketing services supply chains briefs me, the blame is directed at vendors. Their service is poor, their creative has lost its punch, they’re too expensive, they just don’t get our brand.

As for any troubled relationship, it’s easier to point the finger than critically examine your own role in dysfunction.

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